Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Z Live Center provides a 1 year warranty for all of the items on this website or any item that carries the Z Live Center brand logo.

Z Live Center will not warranty any item that has been misused, not maintained properly according to specifications, damaged by misuse, neglect, retrofitted or any consumable products.

With the exception of the outbound transportation charges being cover by Z Live Center after item is repaired, we do not cover the shipping for the product being sent to us. When an item is returned to us at purchaser’s expense, we are then willing to provide labor for any warranty issues. We will then cover the cost for shipping the repaired item or replacement at our cost.

Z Live Center cannot be liable for any amount over the price of any item purchased from Z Live Center.  Legal action against Z Live Center must be set in the State of California, County of Los Angeles.

Z Live Center is not responsible for any bodily or structural hard done to anyone or anything caused by the use or misuse of Z Live Center products.