About Us

About Us

Z Tools, Inc. dba. Z Live Center and ZLC, is dedicated to providing all kinds of quality lathe accessories at wholesale price. Our main product line includes Lathe Live Centers, Changeable Point Live Centers, Bull Nose Live Centers, Dead Centers, Hydraulic Face Drivers, Drill Chucks, Power Milling Chucks, Lathe Chucks, and Machine Work Lights/Lamps. In addition, we also offer all kinds of prime quality morse taper sleeves, extension sockets, and adapters.

ZLC offers wide variety state- of- art lathe centers to satisfy your needs. Our lathe centers are specially designed to suit various cutting edge lathes while providing reliable performance. Each product we served has been carefully tested through our on-site QC staff. As such, our lathe centers will help you achieve excellent accuracy and diversity of operation in respect of turning, grinding, milling, and threading.

At ZLC, you will find all you possibly need for lathe center. Medium Duty Live centers are most common type servicing general purpose; Versa-Turn Live Centers are designed to handle turning jobs in respect to thin parts; Precision Live Centers have extended central spindle thus effectively improved the cutting performance and reduced vibration; CNC Precision Lathe Center are designed for high speed environment with high accuracy requirement; Bull Nose Live Centers are designed to suit for work pieces with large center hole.

Getting the right lathe centers for your workpiece is very important. There are some basic rules need to be followed when selecting a lathe center: The morse taper (MT) size, the weight of the workpiece, and the maximum speed allowed for the live center. Choosing the wrong live center may seriously damage the lathe center or reduce the accuracy. ZLC offers detail descriptions for each product we carried.  

Z Live Center is known as one-stop-shop for all lathe centers with wholesale prices. You can count on us for best delivery service with the most competitive prices. For orders come in before 3:00 pm Pacific Time we guarantee the same day shipping from Monday to Friday.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us via our customer toll free number: 1-877-954-8323 or email us: sales@zlivecenter.com